De Chaochom Hua Hin

Hua Hin, Thailand

- Find yourself serenity and absolute tranquility -

We welcome all our guests for a romantic getaway, quick recharge or family vacation.

Our property is located in the heart of Hua Hin, right next to Klai Kangwon (Worry Free) Royal Summer Residence. We invite you to wander around our historic property dated back to the 1800s. We keep the buildings in their original structure while adding exquisite interior design for modern comfort. Combined with a stunning ocean view, we believe De Chao Chom will bring you the most unforgettable experience.

You can spend your afternoon sun bathing at our private beach, dip yourself in the pool or stroll along the connected beachfront to the famous Seenspace Hua Hin. We offer first class amenities and a delightful breakfast, perfectly prepared by our residence chef at Ruen Chaochom.

Our hotel staff is more than happy to assist any special requests of special occasion celebrations during your stay, such as a birthday party, anniversary or wedding ceremony.


Our villas & pool villas contain carefully selected furniture that represent a blend of modern comfort with traditional Thai design....More Detail

Ruen Chaochom

Thai & Western cuisine


In one relaxed summer afternoon, Grandmother Lam yai at 89 told a story about a place where she was
Only few hundred meters away from the KlaiKangwon (Worry Free) Royal Summer Residence stood the 2 houses designed in the Thai Colonial style. The smaller one got named Lookmai whereas the other one named Metha.

The houses used to be summer residence of ChaochomManda (Royal Mother) Mhod, mother of Admiral Prince AbhakaraKiartivongse or Prince of Chumphon. His familiar name to Thai people isSadej Tia. He was regarded as the Father of the Royal Thai Navy. Thai navy officers and rural villagers respect him highly.

Prince of Chumphonwas one of the first princes to study abroad. He spent 6 years studying Naval Welfare in England. At his return, he served in the Royal Siamese Navy. He contributed immensely to the Thai Navy in terms of advancement and modernization. In addition, he also studied medicine, and provided western medical treatment to people of all classes. He was again called Doctor Phon. People believed that he had magic and supernatural ability of healing.

In his childhood days, heregularlyvisited HuaHin summer residences together with his Royal Mother Mhod.

When built, Lookmaibeachfront villa was transported by boat from the Thewet Palace, all the way from Bangkok. Then, Metha beachfront villa was built later. ChaochomMhod loved beautiful white sand beachin this areaHuaHin. She visited this place at least once a month.In addition, she also brought Mae Thip, her favorite head chef along the group as well.